Story Idea

I want to write a story slightly addressing the color caste hierarchy, but still appropriate for kids?
So...I'm thinking:
1 Spanish King, 1 Spanish Queen
They have 3 kids: 2 twin princesses and 1 prince.

Now... add
Same Spanish King, 1 African Servant
They have one bi-ethnic servant girl.

The goal of the story: Servant girl working in castle after her mom was sold/banished and being mistreated by  everyone but the king.
Kingdom in trouble
and basically the servant girl has to save the kingdom with the hopes of being recognized as royalty?

That's book one of the series.

Book 2 chronicles her training

Book 3 after her training is completed

King: Nice, Blonde, Blue Eyes, five-o-clock Shadow, fair skinned, freckles
Queen: Prideful,  medium brown hair, fair blue eyes
Princess 1: Snobbier Smart, light brown blue, 16
Princess 2: Snobby smart, light brown blue, 16
Prince 1: DUMB, blonde, blue, freckles, 11
African Servant Woman, DARK, dreadlocks, brown eyes
Main Protagonist: about 12?? female, medium-dark skin with freckles, CURLY hair like Laurielle


New phone

So now that I have a phone that supports this app, I'm going to try to write more. Just a heads up. :-)


Couch Hog

I find it funny when people try to call me spiteful or a B. Let's look at this scenario: The person who is in my bed is sick, so he can have the whole bed to himself. My mom and Laurielle take up that their entire bed (well mostly Laurielle), so they have that. And I...well I'm on the couch. Do I mind? No. Because I know that it's not that big of a deal. If I was spiteful or a B, I would have either told Julian to move over and he needs to figure out how he's going to sleep without coughing on me or getting me sick OR I would have squished my mom even more into a small spot.

But I don't.

So stop calling me names.



I love when people who:
try to call me names. Like if their opinions of me matter? Please.

I go to school full-time. I work part time (soon will be full time). I'm an EXCELLENT mother. I'm actively involved with clubs on my campus. I pay YOUR bills (phone, probation, counselors...etc), YOUR child support, buy YOU clothes and help with YOUR homework (before you dropped out of school to play video games), but you think by calling ME a B***H that you're all of a sudden a man? Please. Grow up. Act your age. THEN maybe...MAYYYYYBE...Probably not....most likely not...I will care about your opinion.

Meanwhile, go ahead and play Battlefield and workout. That's ALL you have going for you.


Teeth Dream

So I want to write down my dream before I forget.
I was either at USNA or at some sort of military hospital. I was talking to someone and all of a sudden a bottom tooth of mine felt loose? And..it fell out.
I rushed to get out of room and stop talking to the person. I had a napkin over my mouth. All of a sudden I was on the track and my teeth literally started crumbling inside my mouth and I kept having to spit out tooth fragments.I was in some sanitary confinement area and I tried to put one of the whole teeth back into my mouth(?). but yeah...it was a lost cause. I ended up with a majority of my bottom teeth falling out and just breaking apart. I put them on this table cloth and tried to save them? but i kept freaking out over losing some pieces. I wanted to like glue them back together and fix them.